Programming II

The goal of this lecture is to present the basic principles of structured programming and to introduce students into using programming languages and especially the C programming language. The lecture includes theory as well as exercises in the lab. The target audience includes students that have never seen programming before.


  1. Deitel and Deitel. C How to Program, 7/e, 2013.
  2. Kerninghan and Ritchie. The C Programming Language, Prentice Hall, 2/e, 1988.


Lecture slides are available in Greek.

  1. Pointers en, el
  2. Structs el
  3. Dynamic Memory el
  4. Strings el
  5. Input/Output el
  6. Bit Handling el
  7. Data Structures el
  8. Preprocessor el
  9. Multiple Files el
  10. Advanced el
  11. Intro to C++ el