Programming I

The goal of this lecture is to present the basic principles of structured programming and to introduce students into using programming languages and especially the C programming language. The lecture includes theory as well as exercises in the lab. The target audience includes students that have never seen programming before.


  1. Deitel and Deitel. C How to Program, 7/e, 2013.
  2. Kerninghan and Ritchie. The C Programming Language, Prentice Hall, 2/e, 1988.


Lecture slides are available both in English and in Greek.

  1. Fundamentals en, el
  2. Binary System en, el
  3. Variables en, el
  4. Arithmetic en, el
  5. Control en, el
  6. Functions en, el
  7. Pseudo-Random Numbers en, el
  8. Arrays en, el
  9. Pointers en, el


Lab exercises and their solutions as a screencast in YouTube can be found below (only in Greek). Check out the following playlist.

  1. Lab 0 video
  2. Lab 1 el video
  3. Lab 2 el video
  4. Lab 3 el video
  5. Lab 4 el video
  6. Lab 5 el video
  7. Lab 6 el video
  8. Lab 7 el video
  9. Lab 8 el video
  10. Lab 9 el video
  11. Lab 10 el video


All announcements and material can also be found at